Our Story

Our journey began with humble beginnings on a plot of land in Epping Industrial in 1988 where a small security shed on the plot served as an office for owner, Brian Tommy. Today, L&B Recycling is an independent waste paper operator with two buy back centres and a main factory in Woodstock Industrial. We offer practical solutions to the recycling and processing of paper, cardboard, plastics and metals using legal and responsible means.


We recycle office paper, books, newsprint and magazines. The white stream of paper is recycled to make toilet paper.


Darker, thicker streams of paper are recycled to make hard-wearing containers like egg and fruit trays as well as poster boards.


Different types of metals are melted down and processed in preparation for the manufacturing of other metal products.


Different types of plastics, including polypropylene and corex are palletised and used to manufacture other plastic products.