We aid in the conservation of our environment through recycling and waste minimization. We do this by salvaging and diverting recyclable waste before it reaches landfills while also offering solutions for the recycling of this waste legally and responsibly. We collect waste paper and cardboard from our customers around Cape Town. All waste paper is emptied at our factory where it is cleaned and prepped to be baled. Once the waste paper has been graded and baled, it is then transported to enter the final stages of recycling processing. We also facilitate the destruction and shredding of paper, issuing certificates upon completion.


We recycle office paper, books, newsprint and magazines. The white stream of paper is recycled to make toilet paper.


Darker, thicker streams of paper are recycled to make hard-wearing containers like egg and fruit trays as well as poster boards.


Different types of metals are melted down and processed in preparation for the manufacturing of other metal products.


Different types of plastics, including polypropylene and corex are palletised and used to manufacture other plastic products.

How it works

Collections are scheduled on request from clients either via telephone, WhatsApp or by completing the collection form under the contact page. If an urgent collection is needed, a call or WhatsApp with one of our consultants will increase our response time. For customers in the manufacturing, warehouse’s and distribution centre’s we come out to do a site inspection which enable us to provide a full analysis and waste solution. This is done with the aim of reducing waste to landfills and increase value to our clients.